i sobbed like a bitch what about it

(giddles was me before I remade) 
I’m gonna redraw it


i sobbed like a bitch what about it


(giddles was me before I remade) 

I’m gonna redraw it

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right after In The Flesh’s first season ended I did the shittiest fanart of all time and I’d love to redraw it but I can’t find it 

I will not rest until I do

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Hello friends!! I am offering TWO dog/cat/small mammal portrait commissions with solid or patterned backgrounds like these for $25 each!

They are done on 4”x6” pieces of mat board and if you live in the United States, I will mail them to you. If you don’t, it depends on the price of the shipping but we can work it out. I will need a decent quality picture of your pet and we can discuss color schemes and things. It doesn’t matter if it is a headshot or their whole body. Payment is through paypal ~~~ hooray! pets!

rock on (sick guitar solo for ten minutes)


Mollie is a giant loser but don’t let that distract you because she is so disgustingly talented and has, despite my feeble efforts, underpriced herself enormously!! Please please take advantage of this and commission her!!! You Will Not Regret It

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so cerigg posted a picture of themselves as a blob and the cute was too much so quick sketch shenanigans ensued. :3

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS I love Ian’s art so much and I melt a little when I think of his markmaking and now look at this it’s my FACE. Thank you so much oh MAN you’re the best

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you look like a cool individual and your face is rather nice to look upon. okay bye. sorry to bug you.

aaa you are too nice! Thank you :”’)

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Soooooo…. I made a thing.

oh shit that is classy. I am impressed (and flattered, aw you)

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Ahh I missed your livestream. Did you make a post about it?

yup, but I deleted them once the stream was over— next time I stream I’ll make a wee post letting you know it’s happening and probably another one with the link!

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some livestream doodles

plan for next time: go in prepared, don’t force people to watch you sketch fruitlessly for hours. Also, better jokes

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I.......... don't.... know...... ??? Weird sacrifice to the gods? A poorly thought out attempt to level out the street a bit?


Tumblr user cerigg does her best to explain the Jaffa Race.

New Zealand is wild, man.

Baldwin St is an important historical landmark

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can we reblog your selfie mayhaps...

this is by far the politest anon message I’ve ever received. Go for it, lil pal

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cerigg!!!!!!! (And jonimitzer, whose own cerigg appreciation post I basically ripped off.) i got a package from cerigg WITH MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD CANDY, Sometimes I think we would go back to visit Canada just to stock up on crunchies. AND A FLAG! New Zealand… ROCKS!! And art!! And I am dying. Is this real? Is this real life? (Make a movie of me right now, call it Ally After Cerigg)

(I’m not kidding I told you they were cute)

welcome to life as an honourary New Zealand citizen enjoy your stay

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