thank you for the interest in commissions you guys!! You’re the best!!

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hi guys! So I’m cranking my commission prices because I kinda need some money (don’t we all) and just as a wee test I am gonna offer TWO full illustrations such as the ones in this tag for $35US each. I’ll get them done before this time next week! Hit me up at 

xoxox love you

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commission for jonimitzer for a poster for a play featuring CLOWN. PIRATE. CHILDREN. Hell YEAH.

(New Yorkers, please go and see this play on my behalf)

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Hi I just wanted to say that your art is fantastic and adorable (especially the pacific rim stuff) and I was wondering if you had an Instagram by any chance or a society 6 account?

Ahh thank you, you are too wonderful! My instagram is WEEBATS and I have a whopping TWO POSTS because I don’t know how to work anything. It will probably never get used/will only be used to pictures of stray cats and bad drawings.

I don’t currently have anything in my society6 store, simply because I have nothing to chuck in there that isn’t fanart (which I feel a bit bad profiteering from). Maybe one day, friend :’)

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I know you're in New Zealand but I was just a bit curious about your name. Is Ceridwyn a name you chose yourself? Anyway I usually see Ceridwyn and variations therein in those of Welsh decent/etc. hence my curiosity. Sorry if I'm imposing or offending in any way by asking! :o

Ceridwyn’s my birth name! My mother’s Welsh (and is a bit bitter about having a non-Welsh name herself) so that’s where that stems from. The weird spelling (Ceridwen is the most common spelling and also was a badass witch) is simply to be ~*~*~unique*~*~*, because heaven forbid I get confused with all the other Ceridwyns. 

Cool thing about being called Ceridwyn: everyone and their dog knows a cat called Ceridwen. What’s with people naming their cats Ceridwen?? It’s such a mouthful to yell at an animal that’s eating your plants or pissing in the bath

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allyspock my “sad friend??????!!!!!” radar was going off so I decided my course of action would either be this drawing or a terrible rendition of this. I figured it would be hard to make your name fit so here we go

allyspock my “sad friend??????!!!!!” radar was going off so I decided my course of action would either be this drawing or a terrible rendition of this. I figured it would be hard to make your name fit so here we go

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friends who I am sending wee lil drawings in the mail to! I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’ve just had a busy/sickly week is all :’) Sorry to keep you all waiting— I have a list that I think is accurate so in the next few weeks I’ll be working through that. There will be small gifts in the mail for you all eventually!!

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Hello friends!! I am offering TWO dog/cat/small mammal portrait commissions with solid or patterned backgrounds like these for $25 each!

They are done on 4”x6” pieces of mat board and if you live in the United States, I will mail them to you. If you don’t, it depends on the price of the shipping but we can work it out. I will need a decent quality picture of your pet and we can discuss color schemes and things. It doesn’t matter if it is a headshot or their whole body. Payment is through paypal ~~~ hooray! pets!

rock on (sick guitar solo for ten minutes)


Mollie is a giant loser but don’t let that distract you because she is so disgustingly talented and has, despite my feeble efforts, underpriced herself enormously!! Please please take advantage of this and commission her!!! You Will Not Regret It

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so cerigg posted a picture of themselves as a blob and the cute was too much so quick sketch shenanigans ensued. :3

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS I love Ian’s art so much and I melt a little when I think of his markmaking and now look at this it’s my FACE. Thank you so much oh MAN you’re the best

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you look like a cool individual and your face is rather nice to look upon. okay bye. sorry to bug you.

aaa you are too nice! Thank you :”’)

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